AI is Exhausting the Power Grid

AI is Exhausting the Power Grid With tech giants competing in a global AI arms race, electricity usage is soaring as AI is being used to execute even the simplest of tasks. Though many tech firms have ensured they would be leaders in the clean energy future, these same companies are consuming immense amounts of […]

Microsoft Delays Controversial AI Recall Feature

Microsoft Delays Controversial AI Recall Feature New laptops equipped with Microsoft Windows ship out to customers… without the advertised AI Recall feature. This feature has raised concerns about the cybersecurity and privacy of users as it periodically takes snapshots of a computer screen to give Microsoft’s AI assistant Copilot a “photographic memory” of a person’s […]


IMF Warns of Massive Labor Disruption From AI Generative AI risks to the security of jobs, including the higher-skilled occupations. IMF states that governments needed to do more to prepare workforces such as improving unemployment insurance. As these new technologies flood the market, regulations kick-started by the EU’s AI Act and initial responses in the […]

Apple Intelligence

Today at Apple’s WWDC Apple dove into the world of LLMs which Apple dubbed “Apple Intelligence”. It has many home grown models along with integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Most processing is done on device along with Apple private cloud compute which Apple touts as a “new standard in AI privacy” Explore More at Apple

AI Marketing

AI Assistants Serving the Mortgage Industry AI Marketing is on the rise and AI assistants are now serving as personal password managers. Watch More on MBS Highway

Hello GPT-4o!

Hello GPT-4o! OpenAI announced GPT-4o, their new flagship AI model that can reason across vision, text, and audio in real time. Read More on OpenAI

Bad Actors in AI?

Bad Actors in AI? AI is going to be a terrific boost to many aspects of our lives, but unfortunately, the bad actors are figuring out how to use it as well. Read More on Arstechnica