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AI is Exhausting the Power Grid

With tech giants competing in a global AI arms race, electricity usage is soaring as AI is being used to execute even the simplest of tasks. Though many tech firms have ensured they would be leaders in the clean energy future, these same companies are consuming immense amounts of electricity due to AI.

CDK Cyberattack Shuts Down Auto Dealerships Across the US

CDK Global is a company that provides software/services to auto dealership companies across the US. Due to a cyberattack incident, systems have been shut down and are affecting dealerships nation-wide.

Medical-Targeted Ransomware

Medical-targeted ransomware is breaking records in 2024 after Change Healthcare's $22 million payout came to light. Being one of the largest ransomware payments in history, the cybersecurity industry has warned that this payment is going to fuel a vicious cycle of attacks.

LAUSD Votes to Ban Cellphones and Social Media for Students

The nation's second-largest school district has voted to ban cellphones and social media for students. The policy change comes after concerns about the effect of technology on the mental health of K-12 students as well as the difficulty of teachers in managing their students' phone usage.

Cybercriminals Exploit Free Software Lures

Users are being tricked by actors giving out free or pirated versions of commercial software. This software contains copies of Cisco Webex Meetings App (ptService.exe) which have been acting as a trojan horse, trapping unsuspecting users. By executing 'Setup.exe' users accidently download a malware loader called Hijack Loader, which then deploys an information stealer known as Vidar Stealer.

Microsoft Delays Controversial AI Recall Feature

New laptops equipped with Microsoft Windows ship out to customers... without the advertised AI Recall feature. This feature has raised concerns about the cybersecurity and privacy of users as it periodically takes snapshots of a computer screen to give Microsoft's AI assistant Copilot a “photographic memory” of a person’s virtual activity. Though this feature continues to undergo testing to ensure it's quality, how will users adapt to an age where computers no longer simply understand us, but can anticipate and map our next moves?

IMF Warns of Massive Labor Disruption From AI

Generative AI risks to the security of jobs, including the higher-skilled occupations. IMF states that governments needed to do more to prepare workforces such as improving unemployment insurance. As these new technologies flood the market, regulations kick-started by the EU’s AI Act and initial responses in the US, are provoking fierce responses from Silicon Valley.

Phishing in 2024

Phishers are abusing the Windows Search Protocol in order to push malicious scripts. By using HTML attachments disguised as invoice documents placed within a small ZIP archive, phishers are able to evade security protocols.

Ransomware is ‘More Brutal’ Than Ever in 2024

Just when you might be thinking that tech firms and organizations are getting ahead of this problem, it appears to be a bigger problem than ever.
Today at Apple's WWDC Apple dove into the world of LLMs which Apple dubbed "Apple Intelligence". It has many home grown models along with integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT. Most processing is done on device along with Apple private cloud compute which Apple touts as a "new standard in AI privacy"

AI Assistants Serving the Mortgage Industry

AI Marketing is on the rise and AI assistants are now serving as personal password managers.

Cyber-Attack on London Hospital

A critical incident was declared in major hospitals in London after a cyber-attack was launched. Emergency patients were escorted elsewhere and operations were cancelled.

Google Chrome Deadline - 72 Hours to Update Your Browser

The U.S. government has warned federal employees to install May’s emergency updates or to cease using Chrome. They issued a June 3 deadline for the first of those updates to be applied and a June 6 update for the second. June 3 has now passed, and so you should have already applied the first update.

Criminal Database Hacked

We’re a little surprised only Malwarebytes and a couple other outlets are reporting this major breach.

Google I/O: Making AI Accessible and Helpful for Every Developer

AI is rapidly changing what people build. Google is trying to make AI more accessible for developers by providing the right tools to innovate and build.

Hello GPT-4o!

OpenAI announced GPT-4o, their new flagship AI model that can reason across vision, text, and audio in real time.

Healthcare Networks Get Disrupted

It is safe to assume that our name, DOB, SSN and more have been uploaded to the dark web. But how about our medical records? Here’s the latest healthcare network to get disrupted...

Principal of CBT has Renewed CMMC RP

CBT’s principal has renewed his CMMC RP for another year. Adhering to NIST 800-171 can be relatively expensive to implement and maintain, but this article has a gentle reminder that organizations can implement (with care) an enclave to keep sensitive information

"Headline News" on IT World Canada

Do you listen to Spotify on your way to work? IT World Canada has excellent “headline news” in the world of Cybersecurity. Frequently their announcements can be applied to your own organization for better protection. Check their podcasts

Google's Progress in Keeping Us Safe

Terzetto Digital, one of our esteemed partners, has collaborated closely with CBT to uphold our commitment in advocating for the significance of Google and Yahoo’s latest initiative aimed at combating phishing attacks. Despite certain reports suggesting a delay in enforcement until April 1, 2024, Terzetto Digital has provided an insightful news article that contradicts this notion.