Cyberattack Shuts Down Auto Dealerships

CDK Cyberattack Shuts Down Auto Dealerships Across the US CDK Global is a company that provides software/services to auto dealership companies across the US. Due to a cyberattack incident, systems have been shut down and are affecting dealerships nation-wide. Read More on CBS News

Medical-Targeted Ransomware

Medical-Targeted Ransomware Medical-targeted ransomware is breaking records in 2024 after Change Healthcare’s $22 million payout came to light. Being one of the largest ransomware payments in history, the cybersecurity industry has warned that this payment is going to fuel a vicious cycle of attacks. Read More on Wired

Cybercriminals Exploit Free Software Lures

Cybercriminals Exploit Free Software Lures Users are being tricked by actors giving out free or pirated versions of commercial software. This software contains copies of Cisco Webex Meetings App (ptService.exe) which have been acting as a trojan horse, trapping unsuspecting users. By executing ‘Setup.exe’ users accidently download a malware loader called Hijack Loader, which then […]

Phishing in 2024

Phishing in 2024 Phishers are abusing the Windows Search Protocol in order to push malicious scripts. By using HTML attachments disguised as invoice documents placed within a small ZIP archive, phishers are able to evade security protocols. Read More on Bleeping Computer

Ransomware is “More Brutal” than ever in 2024

Ransomware is ‘More Brutal’ Than Ever in 2024 Just when you might be thinking that tech firms and organizations are getting ahead of this problem, it appears to be a bigger problem than ever. Read More on Wired

Cyber-Attack on London Hospital

Cyber-Attack on London Hospital A critical incident was declared in major hospitals in London after a cyber-attack was launched. Emergency patients were escorted elsewhere and operations were cancelled. Read More on BBC

Google Chrome Deadline – 72 Hours to Update Your Browser

Google Chrome Deadline – 72 Hours to Update Your Browser The U.S. government has warned federal employees to install May’s emergency updates or to cease using Chrome. They issued a June 3 deadline for the first of those updates to be applied and a June 6 update for the second. June 3 has now passed, […]

Major Hack

Criminal Database Hacked We’re a little surprised only Malwarebytes and a couple other outlets are reporting this major breach. Read More on Malwarebytes Lab

Latest Healthcare Network

Healthcare Networks Get Disrupted It is safe to assume that our name, DOB, SSN and more have been uploaded to the dark web. But how about our medical records? Here’s the latest healthcare network to get disrupted… Read More on CBS News

CMMC RP Renewed

Principal of CBT has Renewed CMMC RP CBT’s principal has renewed his CMMC RP for another year. Adhering to NIST 800-171 can be relatively expensive to implement and maintain, but this article has a gentle reminder that organizations can implement (with care) an enclave to keep sensitive information Read More on Federal News Network