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Meta Debuts Biggest Llama 3 Model

Rivaling OpenAI, Meta released the biggest version of their Llama 3 AI with features like multilingual skills and improved general performance metrics. This new Llama 3 model can produce higher quality code, converse in eight different languages, and solve much more complex math problems than other previous versions.

A.I. is Quickly Running Out of Data to Train on

New research shows that data, critical to training AI, is quickly dying up, due to widespread data restrictions.

OpenAI Debuts a Mini Version of Their Most Powerful Model Yet

OpenAI is getting ready to launch their new AI model, "GPT-4o mini," which is being called "the most capable and cost-efficient small model available today." This new mini AI model is an offshoot of GPT-4o, which was launched in May as OpenAI's most powerful and fastest model.

Major Tech Firms Used Thousands of YouTube Videos to Train AI

Big tech companies like Nvidia, Salesforce, Apple, and others have used media from over thousands of YouTube videos in order to train their AI. This action goes against YouTube's rules of harvesting their materials without permission. Most of these companies have declined to comment on the incident.

MIT Researchers Introduce Generative AI for Databases

Thanks to GenSQL, a generative AI system for databases created by MIT researchers, users can now make predictions, generate synthetic data, and more with only a few keystrokes. This new tool makes it simpler to perform complicated statistical analysis for database users with minimal behind the scenes knowledge.

Is AI the Answer for Better Government Services?

With the emergence of generative AI, it is theorized that AI is sophisticated enough to replicate human-like responses and deal with questions about government services. Many government officials, however, are skeptical of using chatbots as chatbots can't be held accountable for what they do.

A Hacker Stole OpenAI's Internal Secrets

In early 2023, a hacker was able to access the internal messaging systems of OpenAI and stole information regarding the design of the company's AI technologies. Since no partners or customers information was stolen, the company did not share the news publicly. Now, however, new fears have raised about whether foreign adversaries could steal AI technology that could eventually endanger U.S. national security.

Google's Carbon Emissions Rise by 50% due to AI Demand

The demand for AI is causing Google's carbon emissions to spike as there is an increase in data center energy consumption. With their emissions surging nearly 50%, Google seems to face a major setback in its goal to reach net-zero emissions by 2030.

AI-Powered Exoskeleton Addresses Mobility Issues

A new AI-powered exoskeleton developed by researchers at North Carolina State University and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides energy savings while moving, causing users to feel as if they're carrying 26 pounds less. This game-changing metabolic cost reduction promises to help those with mobility issues.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet Outperforms GPT-4o

Anthropic's latest AI model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, outperforms OpenAI's ChatGPT-4o on many performance benchmarks. The safety-focused AI company claims that these models have at the same time been trained to reduce misuse as much as possible.

OpenAI Wants AI to Help Humans Train AI

ChatGPT's success can be attributed to the human trainers who trained the AI model to differentiate good and bad responses. OpenAI initiated the use of reinforcement learning with human feedback in the development of ChatGPT. In this technique an input is taken from human testers to fine-tune the AI and make the responses more coherent. However, human data can be inconsistent, how can AI help?

NBC to use AI Version of Announcer for the Olympics

For their subscribers on Peacock, NBC announced it will use AI software to recreate Al Michael's’ voice to deliver daily recaps of the Summer Games. The use of AI during the Olympics comes as this technology has grown by leaps and bounds, especially in its ability to generate images and audio. These development have raised the question of how AI should be used in creative industries.

AI Startup Etched Raises $120 Million to Develop Specialized Chip

On Tuesday, the Artificial-intelligence startup Etched said that it has raised $120 million to develop a specialized chip. Etched is attempting to produce a specialized processer to run a specific kind of AI model that is widely used by OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Gemini.

Music Companies File Lawsuits Against AI Music Firms

Three major music companies file lawsuits against Suno and Udio, the leading AI firms in the industry. The lawsuit is based on the allegation that these firms copied different labels' sound recordings in order to train their AI models to generate music.

Ex-OpenAI Mastermind Ilya Sutskever Launches New AI Company Focused on Safety

Safe Superintelligence (SSI) aims to build safe artificial intelligence with safety as its first priority, in contrast to the profit-driven business model of OpenAI which led Sutskever to vote to oust CEO Sam Altman.

AI is Exhausting the Power Grid

With tech giants competing in a global AI arms race, electricity usage is soaring as AI is being used to execute even the simplest of tasks. Though many tech firms have ensured they would be leaders in the clean energy future, these same companies are consuming immense amounts of electricity due to AI.

Microsoft Delays Controversial AI Recall Feature

New laptops equipped with Microsoft Windows ship out to customers... without the advertised AI Recall feature. This feature has raised concerns about the cybersecurity and privacy of users as it periodically takes snapshots of a computer screen to give Microsoft's AI assistant Copilot a “photographic memory” of a person’s virtual activity. Though this feature continues to undergo testing to ensure it's quality, how will users adapt to an age where computers no longer simply understand us, but can anticipate and map our next moves?

IMF Warns of Massive Labor Disruption From AI

Generative AI risks to the security of jobs, including the higher-skilled occupations. IMF states that governments needed to do more to prepare workforces such as improving unemployment insurance. As these new technologies flood the market, regulations kick-started by the EU’s AI Act and initial responses in the US, are provoking fierce responses from Silicon Valley.
Today at Apple's WWDC Apple dove into the world of LLMs which Apple dubbed "Apple Intelligence". It has many home grown models along with integration with OpenAI's ChatGPT. Most processing is done on device along with Apple private cloud compute which Apple touts as a "new standard in AI privacy"

AI Assistants Serving the Mortgage Industry

AI Marketing is on the rise and AI assistants are now serving as personal password managers.